Welding Helmets For Amateurs and Professionals Alike

Best three helmets

The market of welding helmets is flooded with various models of many shapes and sizes. We picked these three as the best.


The Antra AH6 helmet features a futuristic design and can handle multiple tasks. It is very kind to your pocket and features step-less sensitivity and delay adjustments. This helmet offers fantastic quality for the price. An additional feature includes a functionality test button, large lens area, and a ratcheting headband.


The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet shows superior qualities. Perfect for MIG, TIG and arc welding, this pretty boy comes with an auto darkening lens and an excellent shade range. This helmet protects superbly but does not limit visibility. Other features include user-controlled sensitivity settings, high-density plastic shell, and three headgear adjustment points.


Our third choice is the all-black Lincoln Electric Viking 3350. It is a master of the class, offering high-grade optical clarity and a very large viewing area. Designed perfectly for the job, this helmet offers a very wide field of vision, and it comes with a helmet bag, extra lenses. It also features a grind mode setting.

Importance of welding helmets

Welding helmets are essential protective tools to avoid the damaging effects of bright light electric arcs produce. Without protection, the eyes are completely exposed to the harmful UV radiation from the welding process. It can lead to severe injury and even loss of sight. Welding helmets, therefore, come with special glass lenses which limit the amount of light that reaches the eyes of the welder, protecting him from dangerous elements in the light.

What Our Customers say

I’ve been in the welding business for thirty years now, and you can imagine that I came across hundreds of different welding helmets. However, modern adaptations fascinate me. The ability to react to the light from the electric arc in a split second is just mind boggling. I made my choice.

Jose Rankin​

Modern welding helmets are my best friends. I even like to decorate mine with artwork. Seriously, without a good welding helmet, I am a useless welder. It is why I like to personalize my helmets, as a tribute to the good work they do for me. And of course, all my helmets have the auto-darkening option.

Steve Irving​

Some may call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the traditional, passive welding helmets. I do not prefer to put my trust in automatic stuff. I prepare my helmets myself and set the sensitivity of the lens according to the job at hand. I like to stay in control.

Kevin Sanchez​

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How To Select The Right Welding Helmet

There is no definite recipe for choosing the right welding helmet. Each welder has specific needs, depending on the nature of his work. There are many techniques of welding, and each of these produces a specific intensity of light, different fumes and gasses and so on. The welder will choose the helmet according to his needs. For example, there are the traditional passive helmets which have to be positioned into place with a snap of the neck, just before the electric arc appears. A modern version is the auto-darkening helmets which feature lenses which react to the light as soon as it appears, darkening the lens in a fraction of a second.

How To Select The Right Welding Helmet
How To Select The Right Welding Helmet

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